Mini-Stadium 120 VAC Electric Light Tower

The W6 - ELIES Mini-Stadium Light Tower was engineered with the cost effective client in mind. The light tower has 6 high LED lights and runs on electricity, and produces highest lluminescence of any light on the market today while consuming a very low amount of electricity. Independent Energy Solutions Corp. has drawn on their experience in LED lighting to create a first class product that will change the commercial lighting industry forever.

• such cost as fuel, oil changes and maintenance

• Completely noise, emission, and spill free

• 360° rotating lights

• LED Fixtures c/w custom optics

• Auto on/off light controls

• Compatible with IES Corp. Camera/Security equipment

• Compatible with IES Corp. Splitter Box

• Reduce the number of light tower per location

For more info on the W6 - ElIES systems check out the “Products” page on this website, or call our office at 403-845-9640

Water Management

In the Summer of 2015, Independent Energy Solutions Corp. developed our newest monitoring system, which provides our clients with a cost saving tool in the area of water Management. As a solution to a client’s concerns of being over charged for the amount of fluid being delivered to location, heating costs, operational upset due to running out of Frac fluid, and concerns of over filling C-rings, the W4 - AquIES was born. We have two separate systems engineered to monitor volume and temperature; one system for C-rings, and the other to monitor large Dugouts. The AquIES allows our clients to monitor their fluids in real time from any smart phone or computer, to ensure operational concerns are reduced.

For more info on the W4 - AquIES system check out the “Products” page on this website, or call our office at 403-845-9640

ERCB Releases Bulletin 2012-02 Hydraulic Fracturing

On Monday January 23, 2012 the Energy Resources Conservation Board release Bulletin 2012-02 which addresses Interwellbore Communication between Energy Wells while Hydraulic Fracturing. The Bulletin states " The ERCB fully expects licenses to maintain well control at all times so as not to impact the environment, public safety, and efficient recovery of the resource and to prevent adverse effects to offset energy wellbores. The ERCB reminds industry that it is obligated to plan safe and effective hydraulic fracturing operations and report any unintentional communication between energy wellbores." More information on this bulletin can be found on the ERCB's webite . For help mitigating the risk associated with well fracturing please see our product W8-Surefrac Safety System.

Natural Gas Price Puts Damper on Nuclear Power

Low natural gas prices could ultimately have a bigger effect than the reactor crisis in Japan in terms of putting a damper on investments in new nuclear power plants, experts say.

Province calls for higher safety standards on well fracturing

A recent event in the Oil & Gas industry has caused a large number of producers to revisit their in house protocol on horizontal well fracturing. This review has resulted in the request for monitoring on wells in the area that maybe at risk of communication issues such as increased or decreased pressure on the wellhead. In the summer of 2010 Independent Energy Solutions Corp developed a proprietary monitoring system to protect the integrity of existing well bores and production equipment by introducing Surefrac Safety System becoming a pioneer in the industry of well fracturing safety.

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