W9 - Wireless Security


The W9-Wireless Security is a portable system designed for video monitoring & motion detection. The W9 is ideal for cost conscious clients who have a need to monitor remote locations to prevent theft, vandalism or for personal safety.

The Motion Detection feature will trigger an alarm that will then email a snapshot of the camera's current view. The user can then decide to view the live streaming video feed from any internet connection. The Logic programing can easily be set up to prevent nuisance alarms. Such logic is customizable but may include a control theory that will only allow alarming between 6 PM and 6AM. Once a motion is detected alarms are historically time stamped and saved, while alarms are active the streaming video is also time

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Benefits & Features

Wireless Surveillance

Asset security

Monitor your location from any Laptop or Smart phone.

Solar Powered for Remote applications (Optional)

Web enabled (Optional)

Network Video Recorder

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